Murat Burhanoglu - Biography

For over 15 years, Murat Burhanoğlu has been a leader in pioneering technology companies that have expanded globally from Turkey. He has achieved significant success in product development and market entry with new products. With extensive experience in various sectors such as finance, insurance, retail, and aviation, he has been involved in the digital transformation of numerous companies across Europe and the Middle East, from ideation to execution at every stage.

Murat has had the opportunity to work with 60+ market-leading enterprises from all around the world for their transformation projects. He was involved from the first contact until successful delivery at each stage, with hands-on and managerial roles.
For 5 years, he focused on the production and go-to-market of a German secure super app platform where multiple companies could offer services to end users from the same interface. For this purpose, before serving as the VP of sales, he first owned the technical product director role and became the first project manager for the initial customers to ensure its success and address pain points.
After 15 years of corporate roles in various companies, he established a digital studio for UX/UI design and go-to-market services for growing enterprises and startups in 2023.